2015 Fall Performances of site: unseen

November 14 & 15, 2015
Triskelion Arts
106 Calyer Street
Greenpoint, BK
presented by Triskelion Arts

site: unseen
is a narrative, created in the moment, telling as many stories as there are observers to watch it unfold. In each of the three performances, the starting point remains the same, while the rest is left to the performers to uncover. The work contains one dancer, one lighting designer, one drummer, a disco ball, a foil balloon that lives on helium, 100 battery-operated mini LED lights, a flashlight, a telephone, a microphone, two doors, one window. A live collaboration of movement, lighting, and sound, site: unseen explores both the exposed and the hidden; the heard and the unheard; and the known and the unknown by fully creating (and often destroying) environments from the ground up

MOVEMENT: Rachel Mckinstry
LIGHTING: Andy Dickerson
SOUND: Layton Weedeman

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